Recipe for Protein Pancakes!


Recipes for protein pancakes are hard to find, especially for ones that taste good!

With many years of testing, tweaking, and munching this seems to be the perfected recipe. Because eating gluten and refined flours is a no-no in our house, we enjoy these babies when we feel like having pancakes like the rest of the civilized world. Especially on those cold winter days when the last thing you want is a chilled smoothie!

These are so yummy that they can be eaten plain or you can top them for tasty fun.


What are our favorite toppings?

1. Grade B maple syrup

2. Butter & cinnamon

3. Apple butter

4. Low sugar preserves: strawberry, blueberry, peach

5. Home made whipped cream


These are important things to know when cooking Power Pancakes:

  • It seems they do best when cooked in coconut oil at low / medium heat.
  • As the batter sits the flax gets, gooey. Add more liquid and whisk it up.
  • They don’t cook like regular pancakes. Use super low heat and be patient. They burn easily.
  • Smaller ones are easier to flip.
  • The batter looks pink with the Ningxia Red it it, but they don’t look pink when cooked.


If you want to see me screwing up the cooking process, you can catch it in this YouTube video …

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