Guiltless Cherry Basil No Sugar Ice Cream Recipe

Holy awesomeness Batman, cherry basil no sugar ice cream made fresh in minutes.  Guiltless Cherry Basil No Sugar Ice Cream Recipe – nothing can top that. Well, maybe some freshly whipped cream!

Oh, did I mention this is a super high protein ice cream? 18 grams.  (clap hands now!)

Are you an ice-cream lover like me?  I could live on the stuff, for real.  Back in high school I went on a chocolate ice cream diet!   Lost weight but probably wasn’t the best nutritional choice, ya think?

Unfortunately there is a boat load of sugar and other weird stuff in store bought ice-cream. Even good ‘ol Breyers with their easily recognizable ingredients still sports a lot of belly-fat-contributing sugar.  If you go with anything beyond chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry you will start getting multi-syllable chemicalized ingredients. Trust me, I have studied those labels looking for the healthiest one that won’t wonk out my blood sugar!!!

So all week I’ve been playing with making “quick” ice cream.  Today was one to be proud of, the taste buds were dancing with excitement!



Cherry Basil No Sugar Ice Cream Recipe


1 scoop Pure Protein Complete

1 scoop Balance Complete

12 dark cherries, pitted

4 sprigs of fresh basil

1/3 c. plain yogurt

splash of plain unsweetened flax milk (or almond milk)

10 ice cubes

pinch of salt


Toss all the ingredients in a blender / Vitamix and let her rip until all the ingredients are smooth.   Serve and eat quickly!










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