Young Living Business: Scam or Financial Security?

I was on fire, my business grew to over $1,000,000 in annual sales by 2003/2004.  I was so passionate and driven about helping people feel better that I burned myself out by 2007.  That and a mix of other things left me unable to work for 3 years. 3 YEARS!!!!

It was at this time I realized how important it is to have a financial plan that will feed, clothe, and shelter me in case of illness / personal loss.

For 3 years Young Living send me my paycheck while I did not actively work my business.  What other job could I have had that would have continued to pay me?  Without my Young Living business I would have been in a situation where I probably would have had to file bankruptcy.

This is why I get nuts when people call  Young Living home based businesses a scam, in my experience one saved my finances and helped me heal my broken body.  My two previous employers couldn’t do either!

My mission has changed slightly since 2001. Back then it was all about improving physical and emotional health for people and animals.  That changed in 2007 when I had Young Living take care of me while I had to take care of my personal business.  Now my mission is help others find financial health as well.

I wish for everyone the security of having a financial back up plan that will pay them residuals even if they cannot work. Young Living is my financial insurance plan. Insuring that I will be taken care of financially when the times get tough or if I would like to take a month off and travel the world … I can count on my generous checks arriving around the twenty-something of the month.


Thank you Young Living!


Are you feeling insecure about your health or finances? Get in touch with me!


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