Alcoholic Liver Disease, Do You Have to Be A Victim?

Alcoholic liver disease is what happens long term to your body because of too much booze.  Your liver has been abused and is pissed off. Result: not working correctly because it’s broken.

Can you do anything about it?  If you listen to mainstream medical views you’re kissing your chance of healing goodbye.   If you open your mind to the wisdom of thousands of years of common sense medicine, you might be relieved to know you’re not screwed.

First and foremost, STOP DRINKING!  Kind of necessary to start the healing process. Whatever help you need to get to do this, its time. Unless you’d rather die from decades of failing health.

Second, THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER. The liver can regenerate itself if given the right tools.  Now if you’ve lived a crazy ass life in the fast lane, you have to start S-L-O-W because you have all sorts of crap going on.

If you go too fast your body may start spewing out toxins too fast and you’ll might feel like a pile of elephant dung.  Ex: headaches, skin rash, nausea, indigestion, bloated belly, and dragging ass. You probably already feel this way so you  might not even notice!


Baby steps at first, baby steps! 

  1. Start drinking more water. This will help your liver start to flush stuff out. Oh, and if you’re liver is having issue you kidneys aren’t far behind. The water will help this. Drink enough so your pee is clear or light yellow.
  2. Eat foods your liver will love. Beets, cabbage, lemons, limes, garlic, avocado, spinach, kale, and beans.  Got a problem with these? Suck it up, would you rather have your liver fail on ya?
  3. Drink teas that will make your liver smile. Chamomile, green tea, nettles, tumeric, and licorice root. In Chinese medicine these nourish the Wood Element. Wood = Liver.
  4. Think of all the people who you are pissed off at.  Make a list. One by one start to let go of your grudges. Anger jacks up your liver terribly, time to get over it.
  5. Do some physical movement that gives your liver some serious support. See the awesome video below!




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