Diabetes vs. Diabeetus

Do does it matter how we say it?  Diabetus vs. diabeetus.  Tomato, tomaato. Nope, diabetes is a modern day epidemic that preventable and curable with commitment and self control.  

Sure, people are born with insulin production issues and that’s a bit different than diabetes caused by shoving doughnuts and Mountain Dew in your face.

Many pre-diabetics & full blown diabetics have asked me what they can do to get off the insulin or Metaformin.  What saddens me is that even though simple changes can be made to help their blood sugar, they don’t do it.  Popping that pill is easier today, but when they lose their eyesight down the road the “coulda / shoulda” hindsight will be 20/20. 


Top 5 Things a Diabetic Can Do To Help Their Blood Sugar:

1. Stop eating crap!!! Crap includes: Krispy Creme donuts, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Subway (yes, Subway is crap), microwave pop corn, Oreos, Dominos, Doritos, Cheetos, or anything ending in “-OS”.   If you buy the food and it takes little or no preparation to make, statistics indicate its probably it’s crap!   Don’t buy it, then the temptation is gone when you have the midnight munchies.

2. Stop drinking crap!!! Crap includes: Mountain Dew, Monster Drinks, Big Gulps, Starbucks Lattes, pre-mix appletinis, Gatorade, Kool-Aide, Capri Sun, etc.  Anything that you look on the label and it has fake color, corn syrup, lab made vitamins, or was processed in any way. Even store bought apple & orange juice is crap and basically nothing but processed sugar water.  Start drinking water, brewed tea, or start juicing with a juicer. (Quit bitchin’, you can get a juicer for $40 bucks.)

3. Start cooking your own food. Yep, go to the store and buy ingredients. Put them in a pan, turn on the heat, add some spices, and cook it!!!   Even if you took all of the fast foods and did the home made version of them, you’d be 1000% better off.  Home made pizza from scratch is way different than frozen Tombstone’s.   Go get some veggies, ground beef, and corn flour and have tacos tonight!  It’s way cheaper to cook too.

4. Stop drinking coffee or anything with caffeine. Caffeine messes up your blood sugar something fierce, even the plain black stuff.  Caffeine messes up the metabolism of sugars & carbohydrates in your body and compounds your blood sugar spikes and crashes.  Stop it!   Random Fact: Do you know how many diabetics I have coached that are hooked on Mountain Dew?  The Dew is a triple death trap: high fructose corn syrup, massive caffeine, and bromine.  Bromine screws up your endocrine system but who cares since it makes your Dew an awesome color green right?

5. Get moving!!!   Your body has all this stored energy in your muscles from the food you eat. If you pile drive in more sugar & carbs without using the stuff already stored in your muscles, the muscles become numb or resistant to the massive flood of insulin your body produced when you ate or drank that sugary whatever.  When you get off your ass and start moving, the body consumes the stored fuel and then it is replaced with new fuel.  Over time this helps fix the insulin resistance and diabetics will notice the awesome change in their glucometer readings!


Starting with these 5 things will greatly benefit the blood sugar problem, why 90% of diabetics don’t do them is beyond me. Be part of the 10% and don’t cave into that caramel drizzled banana split!!!  Turn off Sons of Anarchy and go for a walk! Get off FaceCrack and put down the Candy Crush!

Only YOU can help yourself, and you can if you BELIEVE. 

For the seriously committed who have conquered the top 5 things, here a few more sneaky tricks to really get the blood sugar thing handled.  My top fave is ocotea oil in my smoothies / tea helps support that blood sugar lightening fast. Who knows why, it just does.   Omega fatty acids (Omega 3’s), minerals (especially chromium), and digestive enzymes are some of my other faves too. 

Most people aren’t ready for my ninja tricks yet, just getting to the top 5 is a worldly task.


If you’re ready, let me know.


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