What is Earthing?!?!?!

Have you been wondering, what is earthing?

For years I have known of this “Earthing” concept because I have done energy work and dowsing. It made sense to me: you touch the earth with a part of your unexposed body and you discharge unwanted man made energy from your being.

Why in the world haven’t I earthed? On the list of 1000 things in my health arsenal, I guess I didn’t realize how important it is.

Recently I was teaching a workshop about how to keep people from zapping your energy and one of my students shared with the class her experience using Earthing products during the past few years. To demonstrate to the class what she was talking about I pulled up a YouTube video that featured Dr. Stephen Sinatra (heart guru), Dr. Joseph Mercola (internet health guru), David Wolfe (superfoods guru), Dr. Oz (TV health guru), and Clinton Ober (Earthing guru). The video is HERE.

I’ve seen a lot on earthing and even scanned the book, but it wasn’t until I watched that video that I GOT IT!   The night of that workshop I went home and ordered my earthing starer kit plus an extra mat for the computer.

What results have we seen besides being in the “cool crowd”?

  • Sleeping deeper
  • Less waking at night
  • Less edgy / anxious during the day
  • My dad has sleep apnea and we snuck it on his bed, he barely snored and didn’t choke!
  • Easier time falling asleep

Mind you, we’ve only had the half sheet for a few weeks. About a week of that the “ground” in our house wasn’t working and we didn’t see those results.  Yesterday I grounded it directly into the earth and we slept AWESOME.

Watch my Earthing Video Below:

It will be interesting to see the long term effects!  According to the research, when we are grounded properly our cortisol levels (stress hormones from the adrenals) normalize within 3 days.  This is a good thing because elevated cortisol makes us fat, anxious / depressed, irritable, tired, and inflamed.

Also, our blood isn’t sticky so it flows better resulting in more energy, less chance of stroke / heart attack according to Dr. Sinatra.

The competing cyclists  in the Tour de France use this technology to recover faster and perform better during the event!


To find Earthing Products go to http://earthing.com.


SUPER SIMPLE, so powerful. 


Have you EARTHED?  Share the good news!



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