Signs of Adrenal Fatigue

How do you know if your adrenals are kaput?  There are so many signs of adrenal fatigue, you’re probably experiencing some of them every day.

The average person is dealing with adrenal insufficiency to some degree, but we think it’s normal to feel like a pile of junk all the time.

Have you succumbed to the fact it’s normal to look aged, gain weight after your 20’s, and feel exhausted no matter how much rest you’ve had?  Our society has brain washed all of us to believe that as we age, life sucks.  Nothing couldn’t be further from the truth.

You’re life should rock as you age!  We don’t pull our heads our of our rear until we are in our late 30’s; it’s not until then that we decide what our purpose is on this planet or what we want to be when we grow up.  We don’t have time to get tired, there’s too much to do!



These are the top 15 signs of adrenal fatigue that MOST people experience to some degree:

  1. Low sex drive
  2. Fatigue that doesn’t get better with sleep
  3. Weight carried around the middle
  4. Craving sugar or salt
  5. Bags / dark circles under the eyes
  6. Anxiety / Depression / Mood Swings
  7. Pain in the chest or upper back / neck
  8. REALLY crabby if you don’t eat
  9. Tired all day, until bedtime … then you’re wired
  10. Get light headed when getting up too fast
  11. Carrying bloat or water weight
  12. Ladies: really bad PMS
  13. Low blood pressure
  14. People irritate the hell out of you
  15. Have a melt down under stress and snap


How many of the signs do you have? If you need more than 1 hand to tally up your YES’s than you might want to get cracking on taking care of those adrenals of yours!

Prior to my adrenal crash in 2007 I had all of those signs, plus some.  The worst was the constant blood sugar crashing with the accompanying panic attack.  There was a period of a few months that I lived in panic 24/7!    Luckily my doc was awesome and figured out my problem, or I would have wound up in a psyc hospital for sure.

It will take time to fix your adrenals, so patience is a must. FIRST, you must identify if you have a problem.


There is NO DOUBT that people you know have these signs of adrenal fatigue. Please share this information!

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  1. Amy Brown says:

    Hey Jen, I have 14 out of 15 symptoms. looks like I will be making an appointment with my doctor. I have been feeling crappy for way too long. It seems to have started after I had my children. I suffered from postpartum depression with both. But it has been 7 years, and visits to the nut house. I have had a battery of tests, blood work, ect. Could this be the answer I have been looking for?!

    Thanks for the info!

    ~ Amy

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