Gearing up for Spring Body Cleansing!

Spring body cleansing (detox) is often the first thing people do when the weather breaks from a long hard winter. Heavy winter foods, lack of activity, maybe a bit too many sweets or partying can leave you feeling bloated and lethargic.

But is jumping into a hard core detox a good idea?  No, it can be a shock to the system.

My philosophy is to start decongesting the body a month or so before doing a deep cleansing.  Your body wants to detox in the spring time, it’s a season of renewal and growth. Think of those little eager crocuses that pop their heads through snow!

Giving the body the tools it needs to eliminate toxins should be an everyday thing.  A few times a year you may ramp up what you’re doing to assist your body dump the yuck out at a more intense rate.  The key to getting ready for a spring body cleansing is to start SLOW and gentle.



How can you get your body ready?

  1. Drinking a TON of lemon water! Fresh squeezed lemons and/or lemon oil.
  2. Increase fiber foods: lightly steamed vegetables, chia/flax seeds, coconut flour for baked goods.
  3. Cleansing teas: burdock root, dandelion, Oregon grape root, tumeric.
  4. Essential oils like DiGize or JuvaFlex applied over the abdominal area & hot compress.
  5. Lymph drainage or Swedish massage using oils of cedarwood, sandalwood, laurus nobilis, juniper and/or cypress
  6. Deep breathing & yoga.


By doing these things you are supporting your body’s natural detoxification processes and prepping for a spring body cleansing.  Your kidneys, liver, and bowel will work better and appreciate the assistance to do their job. You’ll feel great and be ready late spring to do some deeper cleansing work!


Need help finding the oils? Just contact me, I gotcha covered!


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