Adrenal & Thyroid Frustration, UGH!

If you’ve ever experienced thyroid and adrenal issues you have dealt with chasing symptoms in attempt to put the puzzle pieces together. This is an enlightening, yet often frustrating journey. Β One day you feel energized and clear, the next you have a fog on your head and your anxious. Β The adrenal & thyroid frustration totally sucks.

In 2007 my neuroendocrine system crashed and I experienced panic attacks, anxiety, blood sugar swings, restlessness, and fatigue (pernicious anemia). The docs and I rooted this back to food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, fatigued adrenals, and severe hypoglycemia. I went gluten free, piled in the custom supplements, and changed how much I worked and dealt with stress. I thought I was all good to go, until a few months ago!



In 2012 my thyroid tested hypo (low) and I went on a glandular per my medical doc’s script. I felt less fatigue but a bit wired even though my tests were normal range. Anxiety feelings showed up when I was under stress, which got me thinking “here we go again“. I reflected back to my time in 2007 where I lived with severe anxiety 24/7 for 6 months straight. I ramped up my supplements and slowed down my life to no avail. Racing heart, insomnia, restlessness, churning thoughts, palpitations, and panic attacks showed up next. Β WTH right?

The docs ran another thyroid test and I was not autoimmune and not “hyper”, even though I was showing signs of hyperthyroidism. After listening to a bunch of lectures via the Thyroid Sessions, I realized if my adrenals were cashed out the Naturethroid could give me hyperthyroid symptoms. Two weeks ago I switched to a T3 only glandular per my doc and now we are on the diagnostic testing merry-go-round.

So there you have it!

In the mean time, my two female horses are both low thyroid. My older girl is also having pituitary and insulin resistance issues. Plus my older female cat has gone hyperthyroid. What the heck!??!?!?! So now we are all one big happy endocrine jacked family.

The horses have had a nutrition overhaul to see if I can balance them out in the next few months and I’m awaiting a myriad of tests to determine my next steps.

Stay tuned for more specific posts as the epiphanies happen. It’s time to get clear and end the adrenal & thyroid frustration with some answers.


Has this happened to you? Love to hear your story, post below!

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  1. Rita says:

    Oh my Jen!!! YOu wrote this and I COULD HAVE WROTE IT, “blood sugar swings, restlessness, and fatigue (pernicious anemia). The docs and I rooted this back to food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, fatigued adrenals, and severe hypoglycemia. I went gluten free, piled in the custom supplements, and changed how much I worked and dealt with stress.”

    Thats ME to a TEE! Wow, now I haven’t had another crash, yet…but I’ll be on the watchout.
    With three autistic boys, plus a vibrant toddler, and recovering from a housefire…well, what else could I expect eh? πŸ™‚

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Connie says:

    Wow, Jen! I feel the same as Rita! You could be describing me with the racing heart, anxiety, adrenal exhaustion, etc., etc. I ended up in the hospital with an irregular heartbeat in 2012, but my heart tested fine. My thyroid however would wobble in and out of normal, first hypo, then acting hyper while testing normal…just like you! We finally found the root to my problems though. In May of 2013 I tested positive for Lyme disease and that has caused everything from ovarian cysts (requiring an oncology consult on Dec 17, 2013 – talk about scared!) to heart problems to brain fog and super anxiety, to double vision, to an endless list of symptoms. I have found a herbal protocol that has started to kill off the Lyme bacteria, but when I found YL essential oils, well, that pushed me over into even more healing and gave me back my ability to SLEEP! Hallelujah! Anyway, I just want to express my appreciation for all you do. I just discovered your archive for the Monday night calls and spent the entire day listening and learning. Wishing all the best for healing for you and your horses and kitty cat! πŸ™‚

  3. Kelly says:

    I got to your blog through a video on youtube about using essential oils to balance hormones. Are you not having any luck with that anymore? I am curious as to how they are helping, or not helping.

  4. Heather says:

    Hi! Thank you for sharing! I just HAVE to ask…..are you in Fargo?!!?

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi Jen,
    Just diagnosed with Hashimotos. Found you through Wendy Myers podcast. Can’t believe my candida could be the problem!!!’ What is the best way to use the black cumin seed oil topically over the thyroid and what essential oils do you mix it with ? Thank you for doing what you do!!’

    • Jen Springer says:

      Hi Lisa!
      Glad you found the Podcast! Candida is a bugger for sure.
      I daily support my thyroid with a blend made for the glandular system.

  6. yoleine i tamari says:

    OMG!! Yiu’re one brave lady. I have underactive thyroid…
    I had breast cancer stages 2.
    My andriconologist. I am not sure how to spell that.
    My thyroid MD. I am supposed to have surgery 3 years ago.
    I All I have for after surgery is I have to take hormoned replacement…
    I am not to happy about it. Did you had the surgery?
    If you did, do you think it makes things better for you, health wise??
    I am confused… I eat pretty health. I stop eating meats 6 years ago. I eat fruits, than my Cardiologist says stop. To much sugar. I don’t like sugar. I don’t bake, or eat candies, junks anything. I read every single labels @ the markets.

    I get 80% of my foods from the farmer’s market.
    I don’t know anymore…


    • Jen Springer says:

      No I did not do the surgery for my thyroid, I was able to heal it in a few months.
      I found natural dessicated thyroid supplementation was the best route for me.

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