Step by Step How to Do a Whole Body Detox

Step by Step How to Do a Whole Body Detox

by Jen Springer

Cleansing doesn’t have to be hard or taste like stagnant pond water.

I love the idea of 2 scoops of this and 1/3 of a tablet of that makes the yuck go away!

It can be that simple, that’s the way is should be.

The first time I did this cleanse, I was so excited and relieved that everything was outlined for me. I’m not so great at keeping myself on track, that darn wagon is so easy to fall off of.

In case you missed the directions, you can find them HERE.  I tweaked it a bit and made it my own, of course!

A few things were changed up so that I could really work on the inflammation I’ve been feeling the last few months.  The juice before bed is meant to pull out acid and help my body become more alkaline. The Omega Blue helps inflammation as well because of the omega 3′s from the fish oil.

The other angle I took for reducing inflammation was to target the adrenals. The PD 80/20 is pregnenolone and DHEA – both help a stressed set of adrenal glands.  The best way I have found to help kick start the hypothalamus is to place some DHEA under the tongue. It doesn’t have any taste thank goodness!

The other endocrine helper I used were the Thyromin in the morning, Endoflex in the lunch smoothie, and 4 Multigreens with dinner. Thyromin and Multigreens helps my low thyroid and give me energy – without stimulants.

This cleanse can be done without added supplements, but I had chronic nagging pain to get rid of so I hit it hard! It worked. As a result, my pain level is down 50%. I’m going to do the cleanse again in a few weeks and see what happens, why not?


Without further ado, here’s the custom adrenal building / anti-inflammatory 5 day whole body detox I created for myself:


8 ounce glass of water with ½ a fresh lemon or lime juice

1/3 of a capsule of PD 80/20 under my tongue, holding it for one minute


2 scoops Balance Complete with ½ dropper of YL Stevia and 5 drops orange oil

3 Thyromin

3 Omega Blue

1 Digest & Cleanse

2 Comfortone


3 ounces Ningxia Red

½ Cup Granny Smith Apple, Berries, or Bing Cherries


2 scoops Balance Complete with ½ dropper of YL Stevia, 1 drop Endoflex Oil

1 Super B (expect a niacin flush!)


2 ounces of Almonds, Walnuts, or Pine Nuts

½ Cup Granny Smith Apple, Berries, or Bing Cherries


2 scoops Balance Complete with ½ dropper of YL Stevia and 5 drops tangerine oil

3 Omega Blue

2 Comfortone

4 Multigreens

1 Digest & Cleanse


Vegetable Juice: 1 very large cucumber or celery heart. Juice the WHOLE thing, peel and all. Dilute 50/50 with water add a sprig of fresh mint leaves or a bit of lime juice if desired, drink it all. YUM!


1/3 of a capsule of PD 80/20 under the tongue, hold for one minute

1 Life 5

  • 4 drops of peppermint oil in one gallon of water. Drank this throughout the day.

What should you expect from a cleanse? You could have less pain and inflammation like me. Or, if you’re craving salt and sugar that may subside.  Allergies, what allergies?!?  One of my favorite outcomes is when people report to me that they could just put down cigarettes EFFORTLESSLY because of cleansing.

Now you’re asking, “Where do I get this stuff?”

I know, a few dozen of you have already sent me requests asking for the source and I apologize for the delay!

The above products come from Young Living. I have been using for over 10 years and love them as much now as I did then.  The very first cleanse that helped me go from a 1-bowel-movement-a-week person to a “regular” daily person was from them too!   The stuff works and I trust recommending it to you.

I’ve heard stories where people pick up some random product from the local health food store have skin break outs, headaches, or major colon blowout – I don’t want that to happen to you! This is so gentle you can still work and live a normal life while you do it.

If you’re a do-it-yourself person, you can go to the Young Living site direct by clicking HERE. Or, if you want to ask me questions regarding your personal situation email me at  I’ll help you get going in the right direction.


Here’s a question for you –

Are you feeling blah, sluggish, bloated, and all around toxic? Yes?  Let’s work together and get your body working the way it supposed to. Feeling good is your birthright!


Jen Springer is a Holistic Nutrition Expert who currently serves 10,000 clients.  Her approach to health is refreshing and out of the box, yet makes so much sense.  Through her entertaining and informative webinars, blog posts, and personal recovery program Let’s Get Physical: Anxiety is NOT All in Your Head, her clients quickly get results even though  they’ve spent years of chasing for answers. Jen has been a health educator and practitioner for the last 10 years.

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