RaSheeba Reiki Part I- 7 CE Hours

RaSheeba Reiki Part I- 7 CE Hours

Prerequisite: None


Is the core of your being drawn to anything Egyptian?  If you’re a Egyptian History addict, then Ra Sheeba Reiki is right for you. Ra Sheeba is a very powerful Universal Healing Energy which was last accessed in ancient Egypt. “Ra” is the Source from the Great Central Sun. “Sheeba” is the creative, joyful feminine expression of love direct from the Great Central Sun.  Ra Sheeba is a very subtle blending of masculine and feminine energy with all of us.


Attunements change your vibration, soul color and opens the way for love to flow within your being.  It unlocks the human DNA for upgrading the human vibrational status.  Student receives Ra Sheeba Reiki II Attunement Certificate and manual in class.


Covered in this class:

  • The Dance of Ra Sheeba
  • Hand positions that aided Ra Sheeba energy
  • Part I Ra Sheeba energy symbols
  • The Connection Path Symbol for empowerment and sending healing energy
  • Connecting with the order of the Dragons and Egypt
  • Affirmations for healing each part of the body


Class size only 12, REGISTER NOW!

Time: 9 am to 6 pm



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  1. Amy Wasvick says:

    Hey Jen, I just wanted to make sure Ra Sheeba I is on Sept.13th…it says July 12th on the top of the page. I would be very excited to take your class :).
    Thanks you. Amy

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