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Business Basics 101: Getting Started in Young Living Business for Less than the Price of a New Pair of Shoes

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These are the Super Basics You Must Know When Starting a Young Living Business

* What to say when someone asks you what you do that will make them want what you have
* The #1 business tool you MUST have that doesn’t cost you a dime
* The biggest mistake people make that paralyze their business
* What item you need that empowers your clients and keeps them coming back for more
* Enrolling a new member the easy way

Having a hard time making ends meet every month? If you’re looking to improve your financial health, do it with a product you already know and love. Whether you want a little extra cash to pay for your own orders or enough to enjoy a residual retirement income – it’s time to watch the webinar now!



Business Basics 102: Stop Giving Your Oils Away and Start Earning Profits

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Tired of giving your oils away? You give, give, give. Why don’t people order?

Without a doubt, one of the biggest frustrations I have heard over the years is ….
I have been giving out tons of samples and literature and nobody orders and I can’t convince them to order from me!”

It’s time to fix that.

Watch the video above and I will show you my secret and ridiculously simple tricks to get a person to enroll as a member versus asking you to order for them.

I’m not like the Mary Kay lady putting out all my money for people’s orders then expected to collect when I deliver to each individual, you shouldn’t be either!

What you won’t want to miss ….
1) How to grow a business without having a garage full of product
2) Getting your client to order NOW versus saying “I’ll call you later”
3) My super simple way or explaining customer vs. wholesale accounts
4) The FASTEST way to lose a customer F-O-R-E-V-E-R

I’m going to tell you how I talk to people and DO NOT get objections like, “I’ll call you later. I can’t afford it. These oils are too expensive.

This is the inside scoop how I replaced my full time income at Nissan within 6 months of starting my Young Living business.

Watch it now.



Business Basics 103: 3 Ways to Get Free Stuff from Young Living

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Did you know there are 3 ways you can get free products from Young Living?

We all love free stuff.  We can try new things and even share with other people the experiences we are having when we experience a variety of products.

One of Jen’s team members didn’t realize they had over $900 in free products! Recently when talking with another and she realized she had over $1200 in free products coming to her from Young Living.

 Don’t let this be you, know what’s in your “kitty”. Take advantage of what is yours.