Missing Link Audio with Gary Young

Ancient Healing Secrets Revealed.
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There are over 300 references to essential oils in Scripture, and there’s a good reason – THEY WORK!


Essential oils were prized more than gold in historical times.  Giving frankincense and myrrh to Jesus was the greatest gift he could have been given to ensure his physical and spiritual health.

In today’s world we are challenged with many things that didn’t exist thousands of years ago.  Questions like, “Why are so many children dying of cancer?” and “No matter what I eat or how much I sleep I am exhausted” have answers in the audio below!

You MUST listen to the audios below if you have been wondering if there is “something else out there” to help you and your loved ones be well.  This something is real, you will discover what it is below.


Listen to the audios below:

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  1. Debra Cotton says:

    This was absolutely inspirational and eye opening. I feel blessed to have listened to this audio and to now have this knowledge. I am looking forward to learning all I can and experiencing the health changing/ life changing benefits of these oils and sharing them with everyone I can. Thank you so much for bringing back healing the way God meant for it to be!

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