Horse Raindrop Videos

Equine Raindrop Part 1

[S3VIDEO file=’jenspringervideo/Horse_Raindrop/raindrop_horses_part_1-HB.mp4′]

Equine Raindrop Part 2

[S3VIDEO file=’jenspringervideo/Horse_Raindrop/raindrop_horses_part_2-HB.mp4′]

Equine Raindrop Part 3

[S3VIDEO file=’jenspringervideo/Horse_Raindrop/raindrop_horses_part_3-HB.mp4′]

Equine Raindrop Part 4

[S3VIDEO file=’jenspringervideo/Horse_Raindrop/raindrop_horses_part_4-HB_qtp.mp4′]

Equine Raindrop Part 5

[S3VIDEO file=’jenspringervideo/Horse_Raindrop/raindrop_horses_part_5-HB.mp4′]


6 Responses to “Horse Raindrop Videos”

  1. Jan Farley says:

    Great info! Cannot wait to do this on both of my horses. One has a stifle problem and a curved spine and the other has a rear hoof issue. I think this will benefit them both greatly. Thanks for making the videos real!

  2. Nikki Jahnke says:

    Loved watching these! Great information and cannot wait to add this to my Equine Sports Massage business! Thank you for creating these videos 🙂

  3. catherine says:

    Thanks for the great videos! It really an amazing therapy. Casper is a really nice horse.

  4. Crystal says:

    What is that saddle behind you in the fourth video?

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