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Young Living’s Tinctures: K & B, Estro, & Rehemogen

Young Living’s Tinctures, nobody talks about this liquid gems. They sit quietly in the catalog to be discovered and often get discontinued because they are SO SECRET, nobody knows to buy them.

It’s a shame because 2 of these tinctures are so powerful that if everyone knew what they did, they would never be in stock.  Sure, they aren’t as glamorous as Ningxia Red or frankincense oil … but they are life savers.

Jen will cover which tincture…

  • Is a must have in your first aid kit, especially if you get bladder infections.
  • Is a slightly tweaked version of Harry Hoxsey’s cancer clinic formula.
  • Balances girly problems by supporting estrogen levels.

You’ll learn what the tinctures are for and the ingredients within them.

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