Promoting Your Business

Promoting Your Business 201: Making Money & Getting Networked at Expos & Events

Events are one of my favorite places to meet new people: Chamber Business After Hours, Women’s expos, open houses, marathons, and natural health expos.

It was at these events where I met new people. Through follow up and support is my organization grew to over $1 million annual sales by 2003.

There are right ways to do an expo, and there are ways that you may as well just torch your cash.

If you want to know …
1. What products to carry in your booth that will sell
2. If giving away literature is pays off
3. The #1 mistake people make that makes them broke
4. How to start a conversation so people actually want to talk to you
5. Who to target at your events; it’s not always the people who paid to get in

Take this course now right from your computer, watch it over and over.

Be sure to take good notes!

Only 7.97!



Promoting Your Business 202: How to do an Essential Oils Class Using Everyday Oils



Have your friends or co-workers asked you to come over and tell them about “those oils”? Then your blood turned into sheer ice and you broke out into a nervous sweat, right?

Classes and small gatherings are the best way to share Young Living with other people.  Presenting to groups is perfect for those of us who have a tight schedules; talking  to a few people at once is much easier than one at a time.

In this training, you are shown how easy it is to do a class … not a party, a  class. We’ll do an oil party webinar in the near future!

What you’ll learn:

  • Step by step you are shown how to be prepared for a presentation, even if you’re asked last minute to speak for a group.
  • How to start out a presentation without feeling awkward.
  • The best way to demonstrating using the Everyday Oils, even if you are a total newbie.
  • A 3 part closing that when used is guaranteed to skyrocket your order / enrollment rate.
  • How to incorporate some of your favorite products outside of the Everyday Oils kit.

In this webinar you are shown the tips and tricks to having a good time, sounding like an ‘ol pro, and being prepared for any question thrown at you.

Get your training now, present to a group tomorrow.


Only $7.97!



Promoting Your Business 203: How to do the Home Experience to Explode Your Team!!!


[S3VIDEO file=’jenspringervideo/How_to_do_the_Home_Experience_Kit.mp4′]


What’s one of the fastest ways to grow your business?   Talking to groups of people!

Learn the ins and outs of using the Home Experience Kit that will skyrocket your enrollment and boost your confidence. Your team members can easily duplicate and learn what you do by watching this training to and then doing it with or without you!

Jen exploded her business back in 2001 / 2002 to reach volume of over $26,000 within 6 months of starting her business because she used the power of talking to groups of people.

So, order your Home Experience Kit and take furious notes on this presentation so you are the next Young Living rock star enroller!