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What is Earthing?!?!?!

Have you been wondering, what is earthing? For years I have known of this “Earthing” concept because I have done energy work and dowsing. It made sense to me: you touch the earth with a part of your unexposed body and you discharge unwanted man made energy from your being.


New Young Living Product Reviews

New Young Living Product Reviews by Jen Springer We love new products! This year at Young Living’s Convention, 5 products were released: Slique Tea, Alkalime, Sacred Frankincense 15 ml, Essentialzymes-4, and Roller Fitments. Curious about connecting with your  higher mind, combating candida overgrowth, regulating your blood sugar, assimilating your food, and pain reduction? Watch the […]


Detox Soup Recipe the Yummy Way

Detox Soup the Yummy Way by Jen Springer   Simple, quick, delicious, and DETOXIFYING? The recipe below came out so well, I had to share immediately! I have chugged lots of nasty gunk in attempt to cleanse my body. Recently, I have had a massive bout of inflammation. My knees, shoulders, lower back, left wrist, […]