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Why the Same Essential Oil Sometimes Smell Different

Ever wondered why your therapeutic grade peppermint, lavender, or Thieves sometimes smells different from bottle to bottle?  Sometimes a bit sweeter or a bit “green”. You’re experiencing the delight due to the variance of nature.  There are many things that account for the quality, fragrance, and effects of an essential oil.   The altitude, soil […]


The Adventure of Learning to Use Essential Oils Effectively Part 2

In part 1 of this blog entry, we discussed different models of using essential oils and finding the model that best fits your needs. Your situation and desired result will determine the essential oil and application method you choose. However, the simplest way to use an essential oil is to put a few drops in your […]


How to Make a Natural Bug Spray with Essential Oils

Killer Natural Bug Spray Recipe with Essential Oils by Jen Springer   You can protect yourself naturally from pest using herbs and essential oils.  We make our own bug spray using a mixture of apple cider vinegar mixed 50/50 with a citronella infusion. Jen’s tried and true recipe: 1. We obtain fresh citronella plant (lemon […]