Animal Reiki I – 12 CE Hours

Animal Reiki I – 12 CE Hours

Prerequisite: None

Animals love Reiki!  They respond so honestly and gratefully accept the healing energy that the Universe offers.  Whether for your pets or for clients, learning Animal Reiki is one of the best gifts you can offer the animal kingdom.


The first step of Animal Reiki. The student receives attunement where he or she is assisted to the Reiki energy and taught various hand positions and methods for administering Reiki on animals. Reiki I teaches the student how to clear basic imbalances that reside an animal’s body. Students will receive a manual and an Animal Reiki Level I Certificate upon completion of the course.


Covered in this class:


  • History of  Usui Reiki Ryoho Reiki
  • How Reiki works
  • How animal treatments vastly differ from human treatments
  • Hand positioning for animal that are not the same for humans
  • Animal chakras & organ placement
  • The animal’s aura and how to sense it
  • Scanning and basic trouble causing energy block removal
  • Learning how to tap into your higher energy
  • Level I Animal Reiki attunement

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