Introduction to Essential Oils – 3 CE hours


Essential Oil Training


Introduction to Essential Oils – 3 CE Hours

Prerequisite: None

Have you always wanted to learn about aromatherapy uses for essential oils but not ready to leap into a huge weekend workshop? Essential oils are the hottest health products on the market, but choosing which ones to use can be overwhelming and confusing.  Oils are potent and it’s important to know certain things about them so you A) GET RESULTS and B) DO NOT CAUSE HARM & INJURY. 

Taking this class is the best way to put your toe in the water and see if adding essential oils to your health and wellness regime is right for you.

Covered in this class:

  • 11 of the most popular single oils and blends that are “must have”
  • How to clean your home & work space and still be “green”
  • Everyday items you use that are disrupting your hormones and creating fatigue
  • Four basic ways to use plant oils to get immediate results
  • Where oils came from and why would we want to use them
  • Safely using oils with your pets, family, & clients
  • How some people have found a way to increase their income by telling personal stories

Time: 6 pm to 9 pm



If you bring a healthy dish to pass, you get 1/2 off your tuiting. Email and let Jen know what you’re bringing!


POTLUCK DISH 1/2 off!!!


If you’d rather just pay, please register below.

Intro to Essential Oils

5 Responses to “Introduction to Essential Oils – 3 CE hours”

  1. Brier Brandt says:

    I’d like take the intro to Youngliving oils class on Thursday , Novemeber 6th at 6pm. i’ll bring a pan of bars, either banana bread or pumpkin.

  2. I would like to enroll in your YL intro to Essential oils class. please contact me via e-mail.

    I can bring cold homemade chai tea and cups!!

  3. Mona says:

    I will bring something healthy and no GMO!!!!

  4. Laurie says:

    Where is this class?

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