Health & Wellness FAQ’s Recordings


*  Thyroid & pre-diabetic support
*  3 oils for ritual abuse
*  Thin skin which easily tears and bruises
*  Cancer (double mastectomy) ongoing help
*  Male enhancement & testosterone boost
*  Best ways to promote Raindrop at a vendor booth, which items to have on hand
*  Adrenal fatigue
*  Gall stones!
*  Oils as sunscreen
*  Rotation for oils and allergies
*  Use of lemon for cleaning & in drinking water
*  Oils for doulas and childbirth
*  Not seeing results from the grapefruit petrochemical detox means


* Bug Spray Recipe
* Best way to start cleansing
* Varicose vein protocol
* Elevated HCG as indicated with cancer
* Blood sugar crashes during physical activity



*  Can kids go gluten free?
*  We had black mold in the house, how do we make sure we don’t get sick from it?
*  Horse founder protocol
*  I’m being asked to do a talk, what do I do?
*  How do I make my body more alkaline?
*  Bad psoriasis!
*  I’m juicing and detoxing too much, help! What do I do?
*  Can I put Balance Complete / Power Meal into my juice?
*  I have itchy ears, is that parasites?
*  Bacteria Pseudomonas


* Information in these recordings is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any illness or disease. It is strictly for informational purposes only. By proceeding to listen you acknowledge and accept these terms.

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