Natural Sunscreen Recipe

Natural Sunscreen Recipe

Natural Summer Skin Recipe

What a gift!

Thank you Cherie Ross for sharing this natural sunscreen recipe with us. Some of us fry and peel and this recipe is sure to help.

These are easy natural ingredients to get your hands on. (If you need the oils, let me know and I will show you how to get them.)

Please use caution when choosing your essential oils.  It is recommended to only use Young Living Oils because nobody else can hold a candle their purity and quality.

The average person doesn’t realize when we put chemicals on our skin and go into the sun, we are baking those chemicals right into our skin – which makes them more toxic.

There are health professionals who question if the sun is causing skin cancer or the chemicals from sunscreens, anti-bacterial soaps and sanitizers, or synthetic lotions / cosmetics.

For example, the anti-bacterial agent triclosan has been linked to hormone disruption, cancer, developmental defects, and liver toxicity.  When activated by the sun, the chemical transforms into even more dangerous substance.

Yikes, I couldn’t run to my trash can fast enough to get rid of it!  There are much safer essential oil based products that kill the cooties we are exposed to in life.


Sun Rejuvination

Certain natural vegetable oils and Essential Oils have been found to provide some protection against the sun.  Sesame oil can block or reduce about 30% of the burning rays; coconut and olive oils about 20%, and Aloe Vera inhibits about 20%. YL Helichrysum Oil has been researched for its ability to effectively screen out some of the sun’s harmful rays.

lavender for sunburnSunscreen: Bugs

1 oz. Sesame Oil,
1/2 oz. Coconut Oil,
1/2 oz. Olive Oil,
10 drops YL Helichrysum,
5 drops YL Lavender,
3 drops YL Chamomile.

Mix and apply.

Another Option:

4 oz of Avocado Oil
30 drops of YL Lavender

Mix and apply before going out in the sun.


Enjoy this recipe for natural sun rejuvenation? Be sure to check out our natural bug spray recipe as well!



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